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Natural Stone Installation

Natural stone fabrication and installation.

What is natural stone? Imagine a peace of giant rock which formed millions, even billions of years ago. This rock has been in water, snow, in lava, and everything in between, proving itself to be super durable. We cut this into a 12x12 shape and install it in your bathroom floors and walls. Natural stone has a natural pattern and color. Each type of stone depends on a formation process and time frame has its own unique pattern, color, quality and texture. Marble, granite, travertine, onix etc. are commonly used natural stones in construction today. The strongest, most affordable and easiest to maintain is granite. That is what is used on countertops, places with lots of movement, fireplaces etc.

Marble and travertine are used more gently and with care on the walls in bathroom floors, backsplashes in the kitchens etc. In comparison with ceramic tiles, natural stone doesn't have ready made bournoses. Bournoses made by hand of installer. As you can understand the process of fabrication of natural stone takes time and experience of knowledge and patience.