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Demolition And Preparation

Every remodeling starts from complete demolition.

That is one of the most important steps in construction. Very often, demolition is done improperly and results in more work and more headaches. That's where we come in. We understand all responsibility of the first stage in remodeling and offer a professional demolition service which includes covering and protecting your goods from dust, mess, placing all trash in our dump which would be placed outside of your building. We have many sizes of dumpsters, from a small one for one bathroom trash to big ones which could stay the whole duration of your construction.

When the demolition is done, we prepare the area for the tile installation. We called it the preparation stage. We do that by creating a strong, flat surface for laying the tile or natural stone. Please keep in mind, some tile installations require making the base waterproof, so water doesn't leak through, such as a shower floor. There are numerous options to do this:

  1. The first way is with a shower pen liner, the most common and fastest way to do shower waterproofing.
  2. The second is with a hot mop with bitum, which is the most effective and long lasting option.

Preparation is sometimes the longer and pricier part of our services, so talk to our specialists about your preparation needs today to find optimal solution for your project. Contact us here.